Lead Vocals, Keys, Rhythm Guitar

Jumpin’ borders, Kimberly is no stranger to the highway as she frequently travels from rural Nebraska to South Dakota to perform with the Black Water Band. 


Kimberly was born and raised on a farm near Royal, Nebraska growing up listening to her musical idols like Patsy Cline, Reba and Shania. She gained musical experience through years of studying piano, clarinet, and voice; performing in multiple collegiate and elite musical ensembles to include the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra. 


After college, Kimberly joined the South Dakota Army National Guard as an Army Musician in the 147th Army Band. She continues to serve in this unit by playing clarinet in the concert and marching band as well as getting to feed her country roots singing and playing guitar or banjo in the 147th’s country/classic rock group called, "Drive On." 


Back home, she can be found working at Midwest Music Center, the local music store in Norfolk, NE and teaching private piano and voice lessons. On weekends when she is not with BWB or drilling with the 147th, she performs with "Backroad Spirits" or the humorous duo, "Sweet & Salty." Catch her if you can!

Lead Guitar


Eldon is a nationally-recognized & awarded guitarist with over 35 years of performance & recording experience. A few of the bands he has played with include “Wakefield,” “Crash Alley,” “Jerkstore,” “Jukebox Zeroes,” “Ramrod Hamster,” “Bad Hamster” and most recently “Rewinder.”


He has performed countless live shows and opened for several major artists including Rick Springfield, Heart, Night Ranger, Foreigner, Firehouse, Warrant, Joan Jett and Quiet Riot just to name a few. Eldon has recorded over 12 full length albums and several other works for various projects. Some of his music has been included on nationally syndicated TV soundtracks and regional holiday compilations.


Eldon spent many years touring professionally and is a consummate pro that strives to bring the best talent, equipment, performances, and entertainment to every show.



Tony is one of the founding members of the Black Water Band. Often called the "Naked Drummer", his high energy stage presence and unique drumming style has been pleasing crowds since 2004. He is often found drumming while standing on his drummers throne, or playing on the heads and backs of his band mates.


His musical influences are Poison, Metallica, and anything 80's. He would like to say thank you to everybody that has supported this band and looks forward to seeing each and everyone of you on the road.


Bass Guitar, Vocals

Mike has been playing bass live for the past 23 years in some of South Dakota's favorite bands including Prairie Fire and Mourning After.


His musical influences range from Hank Williams to Metallica and all avenues in between. His pitch perfect, slap n' pop bass style will show you how low he can go.


Sound/Lighting Engineer

Rick has been the audio/lighting technician for the band since 2005. He makes sure the crowd feels every single beat of the band's 36,000 watt PA system.


He also makes the band visually look good with his state of the art light show. Rick is one of the main reasons the Black Water Band sounds the way we do. His talent and commitment has definitely helped us get where we are today.

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